Domestic animals

Domestic animals – animals that have been domesticated by a rational person and which he contains, providing them with shelter and food. They benefit him either as a source of material goods and services, or as companion animals that brighten up his leisure time. Most pets breed easily. Through selection, a person can control their reproduction and the characteristics that they transmit to their offspring.

Some domestic animals (farm animals) bring direct material benefits to humans, for example, as a source of food (milk, meat), materials (wool, skin). Other animals (livestock and service animals) benefit the person by performing work functions (transportation of goods, security, etc.).

The second large category is companion animals that take leisure, enjoyment and with whom you can communicate. For urban residents, the concept of “pets” is more often associated with the second category, that is, with “pets (pets)”. Many families that keep animals at home, note that these animals create comfort, calm, relieve stress.

It should be borne in mind that animals of the same breed can often be used for various purposes. For example, someone breeds rabbits for meat and fur, while someone keeps the rabbit at home as a pet. Some waste products of the companion animal can be used as insignificant production raw materials. So, from a long-haired dog, as well as a cat or a rabbit, you can collect a certain amount of wool and use it to knit warm clothes for yourself or family members. Feathers of poultry are used for decorative crafts and fine art.

Pets can be kept in special rooms (stockyard, stable, doghouse), but they can also live directly in the person’s house. Of those animals that live in the house, some are kept in cages, aquariums, terrariums, and other “houses,” while others (for example, cats, dogs, rabbits, and even monkeys) are allowed to freely move around the room.

Pets in developed countries feed mainly on commercially produced feeds from specially selected ingredients. This is a compound feed for farm animals, cat or dog food. These feeds are not only convenient to use, but also provide the animal with all the necessary substances. However, for some domestic animals, in particular most amphibians and reptiles, such feeds are not suitable. Their diet at home should be as close to natural as possible. In addition to pets, unwanted tenants – house animals can also be in the house. They settle in a house or near a person’s home without an invitation, without any benefit and sometimes cause a lot of harm. This, for example, rats, mice, cockroaches, ants. Domestic animals are part of a larger group of synanthropic animals living near human dwellings.

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