A dog is a pet, one of the most popular companion animals.

The art of communicating with the dog is a kind of science that man has not immediately grasped. After all, dogs and humans have lived side by side for a long time, but they have not been able to help each other immediately. Over time, people began to teach their pets to help with hunting, home and security.
In this regard, experienced cynologists are trying to breed different breeds of dogs that could be ideal for their owners.

Dogs in human life

Dogs have come a long way near a person, at first they were just neighbors, but over time they became friends and even colleagues at work. Nowadays, dogs help a person in search of drugs, hunting, security, and some are even guides for their owners, who for some reason are incapacitated. Dogs have an important supporting role in human life.
Today, there are over 400 breeds of dogs.

All dogs are divided into 4 groups:

• Hunting dogs;
• Service dogs;
• Sports and amateur dogs;
• Decorative.

Each dog owner was faced with the choice of what kind of dog to have, what is suitable for him. Before buying a puppy you need to understand what you need a pet for, remember that a dog can be both a friend and a helper.
To date, a huge number of breeds of dogs have been bred, each breed has its own temperament and distinctive features, so the future breeder can easily choose a puppy for yourself, whether it’s a room dog or a guard dog.
Remember, a pet dog more than any other will appreciate the caress and care and will be faithful to its owner to the end. With a dog in the house you’ll always have an excuse to walk down the street, go to the park and even make new acquaintances with dog owners like you.
The purpose of our dog site is to help you decide on your breed, to tell you about training and care for your puppy, besides you can find various dog photos and brief descriptions of the breeds.